Specialty Products

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Diversified Controls, Inc. Specialty Products Product Lines

Blanket Insulation: Thermal Blanket Insulation • Acoustical Blanket Insulation

Filters: High Pressure Compressed Air Filters • Aluminum Gas Filters • CNG Filters • Stainless Steel Visual Differential Indicators

Fittings: Pipe Fittings • Stainless Steel & Brass Tube Fittings • Acoustic Shields • Fire Blankets • Heat Shields • Rain Shields

Gauges/Transmitters/Tranducers: Pressure Gauges • Digital Indicators • Level, Pressure & Temperature Transmitters & Transducers • Force Measurement Load Cells • Pressure Switches • Sanitary Instruments • Diaphragm Seals • Thermometers • Static Pressure Manifolds

Process Equipment: Brewery Equipment • Observation Equipment – Sight Glasses, Sight Flow Indicators, Sight Glass Lights, Liquid Level Gauges, Armored Level Gauges • Process Equipment – Manways, Spray Balls, SMS/DIN Fittings • Washdown Equipment

Strainers: Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainers • Basket Strainers • Duplex Strainers • Fabricated Strainers • High Pressure Strainers • Y Strainers

Tank Cleaning Equipment: Automated Cleaning Machines • Rotating Spray Nozzles • Tank Spinners



Specialities: Thermostatic Valves • Electronic & Pneumatic Instrumentation • Condition Monitoring Systems • Hazardous Area Products

AMOT products include temperature control valves, air intake shutoff, fuel shutoff and air start valves, sensors and switches, pneumatic panel components, oil and bearing condition monitoring solutions as well as custom-built control […]

GEMÜ Valves, Inc.


Specialties: Butterfly Valves • CleanStar PFA Valves • Globe & Control Valves • Industrial Diaphragm Valves • Sanitary Diaphragm Valves • Solenoid Valves • Electrical Position Indicators • Flow Meters • Flow Transmitters • Intelligent Positioners • Limit Switches & Instrument Sensors • Pressure Gauges, Transmitters & Sensors




Specialties: coming soon…


Established in 1967, NOSHOK, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer a liquid filled pressure gauge. This leading-edge feature slowly caught on as the industry began to recognize the extended service life and enhanced performance that a liquid filled pressure […]

Sure Flow Equipment, Inc.


Specialties: coming soon…


Sure Flow Equipment Inc. manufactures a full line of industrial strainers including custom engineered fabricated strainers, sanitary strainers and automatic strainers. Complementary products include valves, valve operators, ball valves, check valves, wafer check valves, knife gate valves, resilient seat butterfly valves, expansion joints, rubber connectors, […]

Titan Flow Control, Inc.


Specialties: Y Strainers (Wye) • Basket Strainers • Duplex Strainers • Fabricated Strainers • Check Valves • Orifice Plates • Identification Tags • Pump Products • Butterfly Valves • Ball Valves


Titan Flow Control, Inc. is the manufacturer of y-strainers, check valves, butterfly valves, basket strainers, duplex strainers, fabricated products, […]