Project Description

ABZ Valve - Forum Energy Technologies

Specialties: Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves • High Performance Butterfly Valves • Pneumatic and Electric Actuators • Triple Offset Butterfly Valves • Dual Door Check Valves • Split Body Butterfly Wafer • Sanitary Butterfly Valves

ABZ Valves and Controls manufactures butterfly valves, actuators, and controls in a wide variety of sizes and functions. ABZ’s butterfly valves vary in size from 2″ to 48″, handling pressures of 150 to 600 psi. These valves feature a design that is ideal for manual or automated actuation, and can be installed with manual hand gear, an electric actuator, or a pneumatic actuator. ABZ’s valves withstand difficult fluid compositions and high-temperature applications, and are used in many different areas, including the industrial, chemical, HVAC, and food & beverage industries. ABZ actuators to meet our clients’ demands.

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